[WD20 -windows] Problem in sending HTTP request

Startbeitrag von CCC2 am 20.04.2016 01:41

Hi ,

Test is done on windows 10

When Calling http request functions to ssl site , when do too much times will cause the program sending request without certificate.

I creating small windows program that will continues looping to send request to webservice. if error of connection time out , I will add to error count and try again until error count reach 100 .

I run 10 of the program. after hours, some of the running program start showing error in very fast counting . usually when sending request, it will take few second for time out if connection problem because of that the error counter should not move that fast unless the connection reject by webservice.
after investigate the webservice log, i found that clients try connect without certificate . as we know that in WD , this is done auto by IE.

I suspect WD loose IE at some point and on the next request , it send without certificate.

I try rerun sending but it return failed due to webservice reject because not sending certificate.

i close the program and rerun the program then run the sending , this time it's OK.


i found out that if wait long before retry sending request, it will work again. I set wait for 2 minutes.

von CCC2 - am 20.04.2016 08:09
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