WinDev window style (theme?) corruption

Startbeitrag von Arekusei Timakobu am 21.04.2016 06:41

Hi all!
I have a strange problem that appeared from nowhere. The style (theme) of my project when it is generated (exe file) is corrupted! I.e. all controls are crossed by red diagonal lines. All controls are looks ugly. When I start project via Test button the look is OK. As I create exe file I have a bug. Did someone meet this problem (bug?) before? How can I restore the control styles?

P.S. I already applied template skin to project. I already syncronized styles and templates etc - no success.


In your configuration you need to check if 'Image Management' dll is checked.
It's a framework dll. You can check this while creating the exe.

That solves your problem.


von Adri - am 21.04.2016 08:07
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