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WD e Push Notification

Startbeitrag von Maxim64 am 23.04.2016 09:04

I need to create an application that notifies the messages to Android devices via "Push Notification."
I'm looking at the examples of Windev 20 and I did not understand whether it is mandatory to create a webservice or the application can only be developed with Windev in desktop environment. Can someone enlighten me, please?

Thank you,


Hi Max

I guess that you could use a web service or just a normal windows service. You can even just use a normal windows program with a timer that interrogates any activity and posts the notifications. What we do is the following:

1. A web service picks up the details of the device and builds the database for the different types of devices and different apps.

2. A windows program posts the notification to the stores.

Does that make sense?


von André Labuschagné - am 26.04.2016 20:52
Hi Andre,
In my case I only need to send some information from the enterprise server to the devices.
The server DB might already know the devices, so could only send the information, without the need for a webserver
It's correct? Can it work?

Thank you,

von Maxim64 - am 30.04.2016 12:57

When the device registers itself with the Google server with your project id, you will get a Google notification ID for this device. This is could change over time. So you need to send this Google notification ID from the device to the server every time the device has registered itself with the Google notification service.

When the server wants to send a notification message, it uses the Google notification ID from the device to send data to the Google servers. The Google servers will try to deliver your notification data to the device.

Hope you get it working

von Danny Lauwers - am 30.04.2016 20:24
Hi Danny,
then, as I understand it, the problem is that devices can change their "google notification Id" so I need a WebService to obtain this information.

But if I have a database located on a server in the cloud that I can reach the devices, the devices can communicate their "google notification Id" to the database, and I can do without the Web service, right?

Thank you,

von Maxim64 - am 30.04.2016 20:53

It does not matter how the Google Notification ID reaches your server, by Web Service, WebPage (Rest Call), E-mail, SMS, Direct DB Connection,....

As long as the server that needs to send the Google Notification has the ID of the device, a notification can be send.


von Danny Lauwers - am 02.05.2016 09:27
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