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webdev trial,

Startbeitrag von Noel Tanti am 23.04.2016 09:11


is a webdev trial available or do I need to have a leap of faith, spend 1000 euros and then might not use it?



Hello Noel

Can you let us know in broad terms what you would like to achieve with your web site and then those with experience can let you know if it is possible. My own experience, with help from forum members has been positive and it doesn't take long to get something up and running. PCsoft Cloud has a test area - I haven't used it, but I assume it works ok.


von Al - am 24.04.2016 00:37
Hi Al

Thank Al for your reply. All development platforms offer a free 30 day trial so why not PcSoft?

To go back to the site, I am sure it can be done but I would like to compare with other development environments and check if it is time to switch over to webdev.

I had webdev in the past and it was not easy to use and after some amendments to the page it would go crazy and I had to spend more time 'fixing' this than development.

Thanks & regards

von Noel Tanti - am 24.04.2016 07:22
Hi Noel

There are tons of development tools. And I have take a llo at quite a view. Comparing price and out of the box functionality and ease of use webdev is great.

It is verry easy to get started. With in hours you can produce something that does work. Webdev 20 is a lot better then previous versions And I hope webdev 21 is even better ( 21 provides responsive design)

It as a vieu draw backs . For instance no splitter is availeble. This is quite an issue since the webapps you make with webdev are "Windev like"webapps and then splittters are a important.

But over all. Productivity and ease of use and pricing is great. Even someone with little skills can make impressive things . In short it brings 4gl to the web. ( version 21 works with standards and thatis great. css etc

990 euro might be a lot but compare it to for instance servoy ( 4gl as well )then it is way cheaper. And it brings more speed.

If you are experianced you can use almoast anything. But if you are not experianced if gives you a ton of cool controls that you can use withthe 7 tab features witch is great ( organiser etc , even in php modus )

Just my thoughts

von Allard - am 24.04.2016 07:52
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