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WinDev Webservices import of WDSL File is bugged.

Startbeitrag von Tor-Bjarne am 28.04.2016 14:34


This is not the first time I knocked my head into the W(D)all trying to use Webservices, but I want to warn others so they do not spend a couple of days wondering why their webservices do not seem to work.

1. I Import a Http://site.asmx?WSDL - description file from a data vendor and this loads perfect without any errors.
2. I try to use some of the Ping/Hello type of functions supplied and they work.
3. Then I try to use a function that requires some parameters, they do not give any error it just dont return any data making me (wrongly) suspect the vendor`s database is empty or something.
4. After a couple of days where I tried everything from SoapRun, SoapRunXML and so forth (only getting errors) I have to actually get something done, and fire up Visual studio

Visual Studio
1. Import the WSDL file
2. Test functions that now work as a charm. (2 minuttes)

Question: Where in my work do the "develop 10 time faster" apply? :(

Anyway, when I have loaded the WSDL file into VS it seems I got more sub-methods, and VS seems to call these "Sub methods" depending on how many parameters I supply to a given function. WinDev defines the "GetAxaptaViewAsString" with full 5 parameters as VS lets me supply only 3, making them empty is not an option in WinDev.

So my advice is this: If you got problems with webservices that are not Super-Simple or made by WebDev, make an Webservice-DLL in Visual Studio and use this DLL in WinDev (if no problems occur using .NET DLL in WinDev)

What is surprising is that no error whatsoever are produced, it`s just not any data there - this could lead to hours (as it did for me) trouble shooting with no-luck as a result.

Picture of my (according to documentation) webservice code and execution in WinDev:

WinDev 10 times faster!! after 1 and a 1/2 day work

Then Visual Studio
2 minutes in Visual Studio

Note: Check out how many more methods are made when importing the WSDL file into Visual Studio?

I want to conclude that the WSDL parser in WinDev is somewhat buggy, or am I wrong?



Hi TB,

Indeed, I've been fighting quite a bit with using web services since V17 of WX and although it works for most simple (and public) web services it can become very cumbersome in real enterprise life with more complex and authenticated web services.

Although this type of dev (even between WX platforms wanting to use the same core backend business and data layer) is part of any future-proof environment PCSoft still has some catching up to do in this area. I found their wsdl parser far from getting up to the same level that can be found in many other commercial development platforms (MS/Oracle/...) or even open source ones.

Also their paranoia on shutting down a lot of stuff that is openly available in other platforms (import code/export code/introspection/...) makes me crazy and makes development often 10 times slower compared to any other tool... E.g. Over the years I have built my own class generator that spits out base business classes including their members and methods into txt... Next in WX there is the incredible productive part of creating an empty class in the editor, copying the declaration from the txt file into the class declaration, save, create a new method in the editor copying its name from the text file, save, copying the method code from the text file into the editor, etc... and keep on doing the same shit for every method of the class (and in my case there at least seven)... HOW PRODUCTIVE :mad: ???

In any other dev environment you can load the text file as a source file but oh no, not in WX... I guess they don't want real productive developers and only they know why. Anyway they certainly don't listen to their customers as I am requesting this feature for about 4 or 5 years now with every new version coming out. Oh! That reminds me: I still need to reraise this yearly request for V21 :rp:

Simply my 2 cents,

Peter Holemans

von Peter Holemans - am 28.04.2016 16:32
Hi Peter

Can understand your frustration. We generate a lot of class files (for Delphi) and after that it's just a matter of copy paste the code in the project. In WD you can't even read your own sources outside the environment or if the version doesn't match.
Money makes the world go 'round I guess.

von Bart VDE - am 28.04.2016 17:10
Hi Peter,

Yes it`s a bit frustrating - now I`m on the clock invoicing my client for my work, and I dont think I can charge for my struggle with the Webservice so I`m loosing money.

Other developers are also working against the same webservice in Visual Studio and they get the job done, where as I scratch my head leaving only white dust of frustration over my keyboard.

(at least I hope the white stuff is frustration ;) )


von Tor-Bjarne - am 29.04.2016 06:41
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