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[WD] Using HFSQL C/S whithout installation or with silent installation?

Startbeitrag von Markus K. am 30.04.2016 12:19


my software uses HFSQL C/S. Is it possible to let a customer use my software without the need to execute/install the HFSQL server (WX200PACKHFSQLCS.exe) first?

I don't like that the installation is not available in german, so it could confuse/discourage a potential customer.
Is there a way the customer only has to install my software and not the server?

Thanks and greetings



Yes you can do That. You can include the install of the server in your setup. The download will be a lot bigger but that is nowdays not an issue aymore

You would problebly have to do something on the install programm itself though for if you include the server there is quite a bit time a blank screen.

I guess you canmake an install with the server and then do the updates without including the server.

But if you include it it will work out of the box , I havetried that so I know.



von Allard - am 30.04.2016 19:14

i don't use the Windev setup, i use Innoscript.

But in the "WD Setup" project i found a possible solution which i will test.

von Markus K. - am 01.05.2016 10:44

maybe someone else wants to know what do to if you want to include the installation of the database server without using a separate setup (WX200PACKHFSQLCS.exe).

In WD_Setup i found all i needed: Copy the content of the "WD200PACKSRV.ZIP" (there is also a 64-bit version) into a directory and start the services.

von Markus K. - am 03.05.2016 07:56
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