API for retrieving system information WD20

Startbeitrag von Sara Joy am 02.05.2016 08:28

Hi all,

Do any one knows the API function and corresponding dll for retrieving the system information like harddisk serial no?..

I actually need to retrieve the Harddisk Serial No of the system in which my application is to be installed, for triggering the security mechanisms..

Help plz..Is there any other way to retrieve the system informations ??

Highly appreciated if anyone knows..Thanks in advance


Hello Sara

The fDriveInfo() function will give you the serial number assigned to a disk when it is formatted.

There are a large number of functions to return system information to you. They are grouped with a prefix of "Sys" Look up "System" in the help


von Al - am 02.05.2016 20:40
Hi Sara, just have a look at


von GuenterP - am 03.05.2016 06:09

Thank you soo much Mr. Al..

Your tip worked out well..

One more thing to share is : The function fDriveInfo() returns a Serial No which is not same as the one seen in the Syestem information..If we convert the returned value to Hexadecimal,we wil get the Serial no which is same as provided by the system....

Also Thank u Mr.Guenter for sharing information..

Regards Sara

von Sara Joy - am 03.05.2016 08:05
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