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[WD20] Report with a pdf as backround and some rectangles with opacity

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 02.05.2016 11:19


I´m looking for a possibility to print a report with a pdf as background (is a map of a building).
In some cases I must print a rectangle over the pdf with 90 percent opacity to mark areas.
Can´t find how to set the opacity for a rectangle ....

Any ideas ?


Hello Michael

I have not done this but, the image control in a report has a transparency option to tick "According to the image".
I would start with a .png type image as it supports transparency so if you can set the transparency of the image when you save it, the report should use that when it prints it ?

The pdf background part is straight forward
In my case I have a generic global variable for say an A4 invoice background and use that to reference a pdf file so I can just swap the file to suit the clients letterhead.
iPrintImage(GDRIA4BkgrndPDF,0,0, iPageWidth() , iPageHeight() , iNormalDisplay)


von Al - am 02.05.2016 22:21
Hi Al,

yes, I make some tests with half transparency rectangles. It works so far. The challange would be, these rectangles to place at the right position.

von Michael Drechsel - am 03.05.2016 07:07
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