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WX 20+ GPS Tracking server

Startbeitrag von Jim Carson am 04.05.2016 16:19

I want to build a application that has GPS tracking. I have found that one needs to create/enroll with a tracking server in order to provide this feature. Has anyone done this? What are the limitations with WX? Any API's work well world wide? I want this to be available via phone....both android and ios and windows phone.



3 years ago I began to build such a system, but I stopped because work on another project.

I made a windows service that receives the connections of GPS tracking devices, communicating with each device and writes the received data into the database. I used one of the available commercial GPS devices for monitoring vehicles, and implemented the elementary functionality of the manufacturer's communication protocol.

I hope that I will have the opportunity (time) to complete the project.
I think the WX very suitable for this type (multiplatform) project.

von Marijan Tomasic - am 04.05.2016 20:13
I use units from http://www.atrack.com.tw/
They have a simple protocol (based on the AT modem commands).
The units in the vehicles are programmed to connect to the server using TCP so there is a full communication channel. This allows interrogation etc.
They can also send GPS data via UDP if required.
The (WinDev) server application records the data to a MySQL database.
I then use OpenStreetmaps to visualise this using a browser.
Has been working for over 5-6 years now and very reliable.
Good Luck
Steve H.

von Steve Hodgman - am 09.05.2016 10:17
Hello, please can anyone give reference to how can i read gprs packets from gps tracker and store the geographic data to database. It would be really helpful.

von Enxhi - am 14.02.2017 20:31

it depends of the hardware you use. You will have to check with its manufacturer for the corresponding API/SDK documentation.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.02.2017 09:57
FACID,123456,GPRS,ADDR=,PORT=8000,NAME=,PASS=,APN=CMNET,ID=,MODE=0,HBE=0,HBN=HI,HBI=50,HBT=100,HBR=1ADDR: it is your server’s IP.
PORT: your server’s port.
User manual of tracker
- 12 -
NAME: access Point’s user name.
PASS: access point’s password.
APN: network service access point.
ID: device number.
MODE: communication mode, 0 means that TCP, 1 means that UDP.
HBE: 1 or 0 enable/disable heartbeat function.
HBN: text message of heartbeat.
HBI: heartbeat transmission time interval.
HBT: The number of heartbeat packets sent (when server receives the number of times
is full, and it didn't feedback, device will restart.)
HBR: When the tracker can't get the server response, whether to restart (reset switch)

This is how the server is configured.

I just need to know how to capture GPRS packets in Windev project

von Enxhi - am 15.02.2017 11:15
Hi again

from the little you are giving us, I would think with a httprequest

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.02.2017 12:50
How can I get GPRS packet information with httprequest ?

von Enxhi - am 15.02.2017 13:33
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