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using webdev 21 ( sort of review)

Startbeitrag von Allard am 06.05.2016 07:15


I have been using webdev 21 for designing a new website witch is responsive. It is in php modus and uses my sql for a db.

Templates can be made form the "Normal menu"it can be selected.
It does work quit well chnaging the size of images and teksts etc. You can have a complete other site on a tablet.

The Page layout stuff is buggy. It somtimes does strangethings . And then you have to start over again. But as long as you have a template that is good then you can do that with little time lost

Anchoring on cells or zoning is not completely supported as with none responsive ness.

You can change a tekst .But you cannot make the font smaller for a region. That would be cool as well

Over all Good for a first pre release. It is doable to make a production quality site.

I work with other software in the day now( got a job at an other company so now only working partime on Wx) and every tool has its issues. Huh we somtimes complain about WX ,well let me tell you it is a VERRY GOOD product.

Completing a website with complete back office client system and a system to manage part of the site and a back office( par of my site is static ) to handle orders can be done in days not weeks. Talking about speed!!!!



Hi Allard, thank you for your positive experience!

So, the "10x faster" statement is true with WEBDEV indeed?

Again, thank you!

von GuenterP - am 06.05.2016 15:56
Hi Gunenter,

Yes it is VERRY TRUE 10x is a low estimate it realy is . With all it's shortcomings it really is.

We tend to compare webdev with windev and then it gets a pour review but that is because windev isso incredible awsome ( the best dev enviroment for windows).

But if you compare webdev with so called one code IDE then webdev is in my opinion the best IDE there is.

Webdev brings 4gl to internet development. It does what a lot of other Products say they do.
and it does it out of the box. Let alone the fact that it is open to .net and you can add javascript libraries etc etc. I think I said enough I love it!!!!

von Allard - am 06.05.2016 22:09
Hi Allard, once again: thank you!

von GuenterP - am 07.05.2016 05:12
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