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question on webdev ( 21)

Startbeitrag von Allard am 07.05.2016 23:30

Does anyone know if it is possible to catch what key a user has pressed. Say F6 or something

I have a situation where someone wants to use key s to do something like in a windows app but then in a webapp.



Hi Allard,

you could use jquery for that: https://api.jquery.com/keypress/

Best regards

von AndyD - am 08.05.2016 17:56
You can use a javascript function, I use the following code to capture the key pressed on the keyboard, and then you compare it to its ASCII equivalent to know which key was pressed, in my case I capture the enter when positioned in a text box, the enter ASCII code is 13, so this is my code:

// Browser procedure with JS activated
function enterPressed()
return event.keyCode;

//Code in my OnKeyPressed() of my EDT_ control
IF enterPressed() = 13 THEN

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 12.05.2016 15:53
Thanks Luis,

So simpl:spos:e thanks

von Allard - am 12.05.2016 21:08

Maybe stupit question . But I cannot get it to work. Where do I place the javascript?

I added the java script code in the onfocus by turning it to JS . But in the key Up I cannot use the function.


von Allard - am 29.05.2016 15:25

I made a procedure in JS and was indeed able to call It .

So I guess that is how it works. Thanks


von Allard - am 29.05.2016 16:55
Sorry for not answering, but yes, it was a global browser procedure and then you called it where you needed it :)

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 31.05.2016 15:51

A global procedure . Hmm I made a procedure I donnot know itf it was global . Tried that succesfully . Because I was able to call it ( no fault in webdev ) but it didnot do anything?

Well it does something because If I add an info it doesnot work and if I // the code of the procedure the info works.

So i will see if it is global . By the way I use php modus . But that should not matter does it ?


von Allard - am 03.06.2016 21:29
Hi I tried global and local procedure but nothing happens??

If I add this javascript code ( when I make wl into js ) then 13 is returned

var x = event.which || event.keyCode;

if I add this in a procedure like this

function enterPressed(){
var x = event.which || event.keyCode;
return x

An try to call the procedure like this

If enterPressed() = 13 then
info( "OK")

nothing happens.

What Am I doning wrong??


von Allard - am 06.06.2016 14:41
Hi Allard,

use Trace(enterPressed() ) to see what is actually returned.
You could also use the browsers debugger with F12 to get details about what is going on.

von Arie - am 06.06.2016 14:51
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