from windev to webdev

Startbeitrag von Noel Tanti am 09.05.2016 14:32

Hi all

ok so I will bite the bullet and convert a windev application to a webdev 'app'.

I know the queries will work as they are, most of the commands are available in webdev too but...

what happens to the one plane screen layouts and multi plane screen layout
a: start afresh
b: copy the windev screens and tweak
c: copy and paste or import with minimal changes

Any help appreciated.



Hi Noel, what about a Java application? I know Java isn't "in" anymore and the Edge browser and a few others don't support it anymore, but "multi-plane" smells like a big job to convert. Just a warning: User Groupware still doesn't work in Java, you have to invent your own.

von GuenterP - am 09.05.2016 16:11
Hi Guenter

I have a lot of functionality in windev so I would like to use as much of it as possible. The app I am creating is to handle a very small part of the whole setup. If it will be ok then I will increase functionality on the web app.

By Java you mean not using windev/webdev?


von Noel Tanti - am 09.05.2016 16:31
Hi Noel,

trying to import a UI from windev to webdev is generally a bad idea.

You can build something similar looking, but HOW you do it may be very tricky.

Or you can instead build something that has a regular web UI, and uses your code in the background

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.05.2016 18:03
Hi Noel, no, you can make a Java application using WINDEV! Same code, same project. There are some things you have to adapt to the Java environment, but in general you continue to build a standard application just like you're doing it with a WINDEV application. There's no big paradigma changes like with moving from WINDEV to WEBDEV. If you start with a WEBDEV application, everything's ok, but starting with a WINDEV application and trying to convert it to WEBDEV .. everything's different. With WINDEV/Java there are different problems but well-known ones. There are soem downsides of course. A Java application can become rather big and slow web connections can kill the user experience. Plus, not all of the browsers do support Java ... too many security problems in the past.

von GuenterP - am 09.05.2016 20:10
Hi again,

about the JAVA option Guenter is talking about... Please be advised that:
- users will have to use a specific browser (firefox mostly)
- user will have to install java on its computer
- user will have to authorize java application in firefox

all that BEFORE he can use your app.
So that's doable for an intranet, but I doubt it's viable for anything else.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.05.2016 20:21
Hi Noel,

I have converted 3 Windev(16) projects to Webdev.
My approach was to import the complete WD project into WB:

  • exclude all windows from the current configuration.
  • check global procedures an classes for errors.
  • create templates and styles
  • systematically walk through each window and adapt it to Webdev. Apply templates to pages and styles to controls. If your windows were prefixed "win_", rename them to "PAGE_" when finished and include the page into the current config.

So gradually you will see the the list of errors and the list of pages named win_ getting smaller.
Some windows will be usable with hardly any changes except style, some will need to be rewritten entirely.
Still, it is a lot of work but you have a perfect roadmap for the conversion.

So I can only tell you that I successfully managed to convert two reasonably complex Windev projects into Webdev using the import option, but I cannot compare it to other approaches. However, I feel that it's a time saver not having to build tables etc. from scratch..

some tips I recall:

  • For planes I mostly use tab controls or just use a different page with the same template.
  • Splitters become statics, delete them and use a fixed layout.
  • The imported tables for unknown reasons are not converted to Ajax tables, but to "classic" tables instead, discarding all code. You need to change them into Ajax tables and add the table code manually (copy/paste from the Windev project
  • Control entry and exit code is converted to local procedures. You may use this code in invisible links and do an ExecuteProcess(link_Exit,trtClick) in browser code.
  • Don't try to use table inline editing, it's hard to control and not very user-friendly. Instead use an input form with PageDisplayDialog or PopUpDisplay.
  • After importing the WD project, rename the original WD project folder, to prevent accidental changes by Webdev (especially tricky if WB version is higher tan WD version) Don't share the analysis, but copy it for WB so you can still develop the WD version independently.
  • Finally you can do a great cleanup of all the Windev images and styles that flooded your project folder and are no longer used.

Of course there will be more, don't hesitate to ask!

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 10.05.2016 12:31
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