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WD19 Locked records and tabledisplay

Startbeitrag von DW am 12.05.2016 00:06

Hello All,

I have a detail form with linked tables filled with queries and load into memory selected. been this way for many years. App is used in HFSQL with 50 users at a time. Recently if 2 users up the same record

(I check it with sErrorMessage is string = HInfoLock(JOB_INFO,nRecNumber)

The 2nd opening displays a message that is locked and ask to view in read only. I load the same locked or not but run code for locked to set all controls to grayed.

The problem is that 6 tables that are on tabs do not load with table display. If I do them with TableAddLine they work. They queries run and have data but TableDisplay fails to load the tables. I have other windows that I open with tables on them and they do not work either(Completely different windows and queries that are not related). In fact no table that is open after that will load until I close the record.

Form is opened with Open(Win_JobInfo) if I change it to opensister(Win_JobInfo) then it works.




where do you fill the tables? In the code which opens the window or in the window itself?

When you fill the tables after Open(Window) then the code execution stops until the window is closed and the code for filling the tables is reached after closing the window.
Therefore it works with OpenSister(Window) because the window is opened but the following code is executed.

von Markus K. - am 12.05.2016 08:06
Hello Markus,

That is not the case the tables that do not display are on the form that is opened with "Open"

All code is run I can see the queries how many records are in them the only code that fails is "TableDisplay" on every form that is opened after the locked error. As soon as the window with the locked error is closed everything works fine. I am going to try to reproduce it and if I can I will send it to PC Soft.



von DW - am 12.05.2016 23:09

Maybe set the indipendent hyperfile context?


von Allard - am 13.05.2016 05:48
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