[WD20] Image Compression

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 13.05.2016 21:50

I use TwainToPDF() to scan multiple pages into one PDF file. My problem is that the files are too large (> 2 mb) and I need to compress them.

I can split the PDF into separate files and then use dSaveImageJpeg() to compress them. Finally I could use PDFMerge() to group each page back into one single PDF. I feel like there is probably a better way to do this though.




How many pages and what is on theese pages ? Even as word document can be 2 mb . With enough pages or a simple big picture.


von Allard - am 15.05.2016 05:57

try set lower image resolution in TwainToPDF parameter

von ccc2 - am 15.05.2016 08:28
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