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Any Recent Windows 10 issues? [RESOLVED - AVG IS A VIRUS]

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 14.05.2016 14:51

Hi All

About a week or so ago, I started having some issues with WebDev 19 32 bit (running on Windows 10 64 bit). I was using the 32 bit version as it seemed more stable particularly as I sometimes have multiple projects open.

Today I have to swap back to a WinDev 19 32 bit project (a big one) - but it is crashing with a Windows error. (WinDev19.exe - Win32 has stopped working ..) Ah! This time I can't swap to the 64 bit version as I have one of these very old dongles that do not support 64 bit!

Anyway - to me this looks to me like some sort of Windows 10 forced upgrade/patch that has killed 32 bit WinDev/WebDev running on Windows 10 64 bit ( Actually - not All projects - just my BIG project but nothing has been changed here for a number of weeks and it was running fine before ) - and my question is - has anyone else with the same configuration experienced a similar issue?

Thanks for any feedback. At the moment I'm not sure how to resolve this. I have a number of Windows 10 machines but they probably have all had a forced cumulative patch by Microsoft :(



Re: Any Recent Windows 10 issues?

Hi. We have issues here with last AVG antivirus update (a week ago). Wx is GPF each few minutes.

When i say to AVG to no scan Wx folders then all work fine again.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 14.05.2016 15:38

Re: Any Recent Windows 10 issues?

Same thing here - AVG kills WD19 since a few days

von Arie - am 14.05.2016 15:44

Re: Any Recent Windows 10 issues?

I am running fine with w10-Home 64bit and wm21-64 bit and wd17 to 19.
But it bugs me sometime and said dongle was not valid.
I am running zoneAlarm with extreme, maybe this is the issue for AVG.
Anyway, I dun like w10 at all and I'm still using w7-64 bit to build wb17-19 apps.

I do update w10 patches by downloading each patch 1 by 1 when
needed from m/s, ie I suspended w10 update auto.

You can uninstall previous till it can run in normal.

I always have prob. with 32bit wx on win10-64 bit, so no point of using such...


von kingdr - am 14.05.2016 16:43

Re: Any Recent Windows 10 issues?

Hi Guys,

With AVG, how are you isolating the directory?


von cardcoder - am 14.05.2016 17:42

Re: Any Recent Windows 10 issues?

Thanks! :) Fantastic! :xcool:

Yesterday was Murphy's Day. Today is bright and sunny!

von DerekM - am 14.05.2016 21:23

Re: Any Recent Windows 10 issues?

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