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Suggested tools to use with WebDev?? Things to avoid??

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 15.05.2016 17:56

This year, when I ordered my upgrade to WinDev 21, I decided to acquire WebDev and WinDev Mobile.

Question #1:

I am wondering if other users have found other tools that they use in conjunction with WebDev. Do you design web pages using other tools and then import them into WebDev? Do you add WebDev pages to existing sites designed with other tools. Do you have graphics or photo tools that are helpful when used with WebDev?

In general is there open source or commercial software that you find work particularly well with WebDev to make better web sites (or with Windev Mobile for that matter)?

Question #2:

At least with Windev, there are parts of it that are wonderful (and the reasons why we all use the product) and other parts that should be ..... well ..... avoided as they are not quite there yet (or may never get there as they were a passing fancy that are no longer in focus).

Are there areas of WebDev that have the same unfinished quality, or areas of web development that are best avoided?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Donald,

I use Inkscape to create and edit vector graphics for buttons and have TinyMCE included for HTML editing for endusers.
One thing to avoid is importing HTML pages into Webdev. That really sucks, so designing outside Webdev is not an option.
In general I would suggest not to use Webdev for static sites only. But if you already have it and you're comfortable with it then why not use it for static sites too. Except that Webdev does not care about resources at all, it includes lots of libraries and images you will never use on your site. So Webdev sites are not compact to say the least.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 16.05.2016 07:54
Hi Donald,

If you are used to use tables a lot in windev to edit stuff then you will have quite a task of achiefing this in webdev. Tables are better for presenting not so good for editing stuff . There are just less events like in windev.

So it would be easier to add and editstuff in a popup or form and presnet in a table. But it is possible to use tables as well. Just more figuring out stuff.

I like tables and treeviews etc because one can make verry nice intuitive and erchonomic screens with that. I think with nice erchonomic screens you can win over customers But that is my opinion

It is a lot more work that is for sure


von Allard - am 16.05.2016 08:07
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