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Round Images

Startbeitrag von Sarah Tanti am 16.05.2016 16:45

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to create round images?
I'm using Windev Mobile 21.

Any help appreciated

Thanks a lot


Yes, works as a charm in ip6+ and android 4.0+.


von kingdr - am 16.05.2016 21:21
Hi King

Thanks for answering.

How do you go about creating the control though?


von Sarah Tanti - am 17.05.2016 06:50

Select the image, right click - select style - scroll to the bottom - select the round option

von DerekT - am 17.05.2016 08:26
Actually, I believe there is an issue with this setting on the image control. If you have stacked images, the round attribute is lost. At least my initial testing of this showed those results.

Reproducing: Drop image control on window and size it to fit about 1/3 of window. Set a background color. Next drop another image control and assign a png to it and try the round setting. (essentially trying to mimic the material design screens that are becoming popular).

If you see the issue then I think we need to report to PCSoft. If you don't see the issue then I think I need to figure out what is going on on my machine.


von KenKnight - am 02.06.2016 12:15
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