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WD17 network dongle issues Windows8

Startbeitrag von ChristoK! am 17.05.2016 07:47

Greetings gang,

I use a WD17 network dongle on one machine of a network.
I RDP into a virtual Windows8 machine (on the same network) to use WD17.

And until recently everything worked perfectly.

Recently, the machine the dongle was plugged into (which was a laptop) stopped working.

The dongle has been moved to another machine, but now I can't run WD as it can't find the dongle - this is frustrating.

When it was setup on a Windows Server 2008 and 2012, I would simply adjust the nethasp.ini file with the new address and everything would be back in business.



you should start by checking that the virtual machine is "acquiring" the usb port where the dungle is plugged in. It's somewhere in the settings.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.05.2016 12:05
It's plugged into a usb port on a completely different machine on the LAN.

I didn't think it would need to see that hub (it never has needed to before)

Are you sure a network license dongle needs to be in a usb port that the computer running WD can "see"???

von ChristoK! - am 17.05.2016 12:16
Hi, imho, a network dongle should be plugged into a server in order to be accessed from the client computers. How many seats is that dongle supposed to support?

Since v17 there have been quite a few additions to the dongle driver in order to prevent illegal access to dongles through networks and the internet. Maybe, you need an update to the network dongle driver? Anyway, just send a request to PC Soft and tell them about your problem, maybe, they can help.

Myself, I cannot use a current v17+ dongle on a current Windows system for using WINDEV 5.5. Fortunately, I do own an old v14 parallel dongle and I can use it with a WIndows XP OS.

von GuenterP - am 17.05.2016 14:41
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