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WD20 : Drag and Drop : How to detect the source program

Startbeitrag von Joris am 17.05.2016 12:25


Is it possible to detect the name or some kind of reference from the program from where a user has started a drag and drop towards my Windev project?

What i want to achieve is that a user can DnD a file from Explorer or a mail from Outlook to only one target zone my application.

Thank you for helping.




von Windev_man - am 17.05.2016 15:56
Thank you but I still can't detect from where the DnD was started (Outlook or Explorer).

I have already a procedure to copy the files from explorer and a procedure to grab the selected mails from Outlook. The problem is I can't create a zone on my window where i can both drag and drop from Outlook and from Explorer.
I'm having 2 problems with it :
1- The DnD from Explorer is managed with 'ExplorerAccept' and the one from Outlook with '....DndTarget=dndProgram'. It seems impossible to combine these 2 methods in a single control.
2- I can't find an instruction to detect the source program of the DnD.

Kind regards,


P.S. Thanks to some postings on French forums i have created the code below. This is creating MSG files from the selected mails in Outlook.


L_Object_Outlook is object OLE "OutLook.Application"
L_MailItem is object Automation dynamic
LsSubject,LsFile,LsFullPath are string
LsDirectory is string = "c:\temp\MSG\"

FOR i = 1 _TO_ L_Object_Outlook>>ActiveExplorer>>Selection>>Count
L_MailItem = L_Object_Outlook>>ActiveExplorer>>Selection(i)
LsSubject = L_MailItem>>Subject
LsFile= ""
FOR j = 1 _TO_ Length(LsSubject)
CASE 34,42,47,58,60,62,63,92,124 : LsFile += "_"
OTHER CASE : LsFile += LsSubject[[j]]
IF LsFile = "" THEN LsFile = Now
LsFullPath = LsDirectory + ["\"] + LsFile + ".MSG"
Error("Het Outlook object kon niet worden omgezet in een .MSG bestand.",ExceptionInfo())

von Joris - am 18.05.2016 12:39
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