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WDMODFIC.exe graphic UI

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 18.05.2016 07:35


originally, I sent WDMODFIC together with the necessary DLLs and WDOutil.wdk - that worked just fine.

Now, the recommended .WDK file is WDTool.wdk which is not available in \WINDEV21US\Programs

Starting WDMODFIC in \WINDEV21US\Programs works fine with the graphic UI - but not in a directory filled with the necessary DLLs.

What's the problem here?


Hi Guenter,

We use HModifyStructure in our project since a few years now. It works far more simple and faster than using WDModfic. No more copies of WDMODFIC, no more searching for the right WDD file etc...



von Joris - am 18.05.2016 12:44
Hi Joris, thanks, I'm using HModifyStructure(..) from inside our applications too! But there have been cases in the past which did not allow our customer to start the application at all. So, no use of HModifyStructure(..) possible. But by using WDMODFIC in command line mode we could repair files and get them up and running again. I just wanted to make the tool fully functional by adding the graphic UI - the question is: how?

von GuenterP - am 18.05.2016 14:11

Maybe this will help

look in help for --> WDModFic, Necessary files


von Jan de Bruin - am 19.05.2016 07:48
Hi Jan, thanks, of course all of those files are in the subdirectory - only WDTool.WDK is missing - I can't find it in the \WINDEV21US directory! However, if you want to run WDMODFIC.exe with the graphic UI, simply start it from the console with wdmodfic -wizard Thanks!

von GuenterP - am 19.05.2016 08:26
Hi Guenter,

did you ask PC Soft ? Maybe they simple forgot it to put in the package ...

von Michael Drechsel - am 19.05.2016 12:44
Hello Guenter,

Have you tried running just the WDModfic exe on a computer that has no Windev dll's in that directory or in anywhere in the path ? It should trigger the autoframework download from the PCSoft site and maybe it will download the missing file.


von Al - am 19.05.2016 12:52
Hi Al, imho, it doesn't do this ...

starting wdmodfic.exe with all of the DLLs in the directory from the Windows Explorer looks like that
[attachment 1997 WDMODFIC_Start_from_WinExplorer.png]

and starting wdmodfic.exe (with or without wdmod210.dll ) from the console will end like that:
[attachment 1998 WDMODFIC_Start_from_Console.png]

Putting all of the "recommended" (= necessary) DLLs into the directory will make the graphic UI start only from the console by C:\MyDirectory\WDMODFIC -WIZARD

von GuenterP - am 19.05.2016 13:59
Hi Guenter,
according to the FRENCH help (WDModFic, Necessary files), the file you are looking for is called WDOutil.wdk.
The ENGLISH help says - as you know - WDTool.WDK

I can find WDOutil.wdk on my English WD 21 - but no sign of WDTool.wdk
Did you try with WDOutil.wdk ?

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 19.05.2016 16:40
Hi, yes, of course! I just started this to show the quite unfamiliar (weird?) behaviour of WDMODFIC.exe Yes indeed, in former versions WDOutil.wdk supplied the graphic UI to WDMODFIC.exe but as it seems it doesn't do that anymore, rather the graphic UI part seems to be part of the .exe itself now. The joke is: you have to start this program with its graphic UI from the pitch black console, a double-click in Windows Explorer doesn't work.

von GuenterP - am 19.05.2016 17:06
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