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Where do I set the Tab Order for Form/Window's Controls?

Startbeitrag von StanleyBarnett am 22.05.2016 10:12


Where is the tab navigation order set for controls in a form/window?

Also where do I set the property for the Enter key behaving like the Tab key? I always code to allow the same navigation using the enter key as the tab key. The only exception to this rule that I've run into is when inside a multi-line control.

I come from the days when Enter was the key we navigated with, long before Tab was considered...

Thanks, Stanley


Hello Stanley

In the Windev help look up "Shortcut, Keyboard shortcuts of WinDev"
F2 is very handy.

To answer your imediate question F5 will display the tab order Alt F5 will allow you to edit it.


von Al - am 22.05.2016 10:21
Thanks you Al, Exactly what I was looking for...

Thanks again, Stanley

von StanleyBarnett - am 22.05.2016 10:43
Hello Stanley

I think you will have to trap the Enter key being pressed with either an invisible button with "Enter" as its shortcut or an invisible button set as "Validate" or the KeyPressed() function. Once the enter key is trapped you could try using keysend() to issue a Tab This would be per window in the init code of each one.
If you wanted to affect the entire application then have a look at the Event() function as you could use it in the project code to trap the Enter key

I would question why you feel the need to go against the Windows "standard". All my entry screens can be used without a mouse using the TAB key but no-one under 35 ever does without training . They all type data into a field then pick up the mouse and click on the next field. They have never used the Enter key to move between fields so they are happy using TAB I think the tablet/phone generation are going to be even harder to train.


von Al - am 22.05.2016 10:54
Hi Al,

Understood, and our experience shows that mice actually gets in the way of data entry. Our data entry clerks are between 28 and 54 years old and they all will tell you they are more productive without the mouse.

I'm not going against the Windows standard here, instead I'm adding the pre-Windows and Unix standards back in. Today I still code and use 4gl Unix apps that I created back in early 80s that only uses the enter key to navigate the screen and they are far more productive at entering text data that any windows version that I've written or seen, with field and record repeating features and etc..

Now, touch enabled devices is a totally different story and can lose all the tab and enter stuff as it is completely intuitive with no training necessary...

Thanks, Stanley

von StanleyBarnett - am 22.05.2016 11:12
Hello Stanley

Another thing that you may need to consider with your windows is the "Z" or initialization order of the window controls. This is the order in which they are processed by Windev in the window initialization. I am not sure where it is in the new ribbon mode as I never use it, but in the old IDE - the efficient one that doesn't take away too much screen real estate :) - it is in the "Windows" menu as "Edit the Initialization Order"

Many things like the TabOrder and ZOrder can also be affected manually per control by using them as ".." attributes so have a look at the range of items available as ".." in the help.


von Al - am 22.05.2016 16:21
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