SaaS across multiple Web Application Servers

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 22.05.2016 11:51


Looking for some advice again.

I have 1 SaaS Administration site, but need a strategy to distribute Client Accounts over multiple servers running WebDev Application Server.

I think this should not be a problem except for switching servers. A simple solution might be to periodically edit the SaaS SITE Connection to point to different servers.

I don't have the infrastructure yet to test this, but has anyone gone down this path and able to share some advice or know of any caveats?




Hi Derek,

I haven't looked specifically for the saas functions, however, this is the general strategy I'm advising for this kind of cases

1. use replication (either the HFCS server replication or my wxreplication) to duplicate data across servers (in your case, that can be only the SAAS data or also the customers data)
2. in your program do a first call to the main server and in return get the IP of where the customer is supposed to connect
3. for all subsequent calls, use that IP
4. If you need more than one "first call" server, either for security (main server is down) or for volume, store on each customer machine several IPs, and call the one checked or a random one. If it doesn't answer, switch to the next one in the list.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.05.2016 13:48
Hi Fabrice

I understand that your Replication may be preferable as it is not a "black box". I may have to implement replication later on a case by case basis for large installations, but what I am alluding to at the moment is configuring SaaS where the Application Server is hosted on more than one server.

If I have the SaaS webservice on my primary server, I would like the ability to provision a Client Account and database on a secondary server

The only PC Soft documentation that I have been able to find states:
Choosing the Webservice associated with the site: you have the ability to use the Webservice found on the same Application Server as the one that is hosting the site (most common case) or a Webservice found on another WEBDEV Application Server (when several SaaS sites share a Webservice)

So, in simple language, what I am expecting to achieve is:-
The 'administrator' is provisioning a new SaaS Client Account via SaaS administrator on the primary server. If he needs to "balance" the overall load by provisioning the client on another server, then he can simply change the server configuration for the SaaS Site to point to the secondary server

This message is displayed when you attempt to modify the site configuration:-
Caution: You are going to modify the default management mode of the site data.
* This modification will be ignored for the existing clients.
* The existing databases will not be modified.
* The new clients will use this management mode.

My real question is do I understand this correctly - i.e. I can simply change the server parameter to point anywhere, and when the client logs in via SaaS - they will be be provisioned on whichever server was defined when their account was created. There will be just one connection point (primary server) - but the client will automatically be redirected to wherever their data lives.

If it is as simple as this, then I also expect that I should be able to distribute the SaaS application anywhere on the 'cloud' - anywhere I have a web site and a WAP.

I will of course have to learn and test all of this, but will greatly appreciate any feedback, particularly if I have misunderstood the capabilities of the SaaS administrator.

Thanks & Regards,

von DerekM - am 23.05.2016 01:57
Hi All

Just an update FYI

If it is as simple as this, then I also expect that I should be able to distribute the SaaS application anywhere on the 'cloud' - anywhere I have a web site and a WAP.

It seems that it is as simple as I had hoped !

So far, this all seems to work quite easily.

Would still love to hear from others using SaaS. What's better in Ver 20/21 and any issues and/or differing approaches to getting web apps out there. I'm sure there are a number of us who can cross-polinate.

I'll peruse the French forums also :)


von DerekM - am 24.05.2016 01:10
Derek, I could be misunderstanding what you need, but how about a HFSQL Cluster?

von Art Bonds - am 24.05.2016 15:27
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