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Why is there an Analysis?

Startbeitrag von StanleyBarnett am 23.05.2016 01:32

Since learning about this Analysis concept, I still cannot wrap my head around why it was invented. To me it appears that it is just another layer of complexity that is not needed. Most other ide's talks directly to the database, but it appears that WX must go thru this intermediate layer called the analysis.

So, I'm hoping someone here can make a good case for its existance, other than "thats the way it is"... There must be a good reason and I'd like to hear it...

Thanks, Stanley


Hello Stanley.

The analysis is the "Jewel in the Crown" for Windev. Its rigid structure encapsulates a dictionary of files, fields and indexes and makes programming much easier as every element of the data structure is on tap when coding and any changes to the database automatically flow through to the code and to any data which pretty much guarantees the integrity of your code against the data.
Speaking of integrity, I don't use it, but you can establish integrity linkes between the data files in the analysis so that deletesand updates can be managed.
It does take some getting used to, it is very cumbersome to use, it is severely lacking in analysis tools to give you information about the fields and files, it is deficient in its indexing options in comparison to Foxpro but you cannot use either of the PCSoft databases without it, so get used to it.
On balance it is a good thing to have.


von Al - am 23.05.2016 01:51
Hi Stanley

What Al says. This is also known as Model Driven Development. It's been around for 25+ years, and almost all major corporate systems utilize this paradigm in one form or another, even if the terminology has gone out of fashion.


von DerekM - am 23.05.2016 02:03

Most other ide's talks directly to the database,

If that's the case, they are plain stupid, and this is why: the wrong word in this sentence is 'THE'.

Our analysis is a virtual layer. Once you define things there, you can talk to ANY supported DB, with just a few lines of code to change in your project. It means that your program can use HFSQL/MSSQL/MySql/PostgreSQL/SQLLite...... with ONE definition, in the analysis. And it can SWITCH from one to the other.

And the query editor is there for that too... you define your query in the query editor, and the system will TRANSLATE them into the appropriate SQL version, based on the DB you are using at RUNTIME.

Another huge thing that the analysis provide is the automatic modification of files when you change the analysis (for HF only). This means that you change the files formats, and when you are installing the new version, everything is taken care of, because the analysis (virtual definition of files) is compared on the fly with the existing data files. No need to code ALTER TABLEs any more (or the equivalent in whatever tool/language you were using). That was one of the 3 main points in my decision to switch to WinDev 23 years ago.

All that is possible because of the virtual layer of the analysis.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.05.2016 12:15
You can build all your projects without the Analysis but you will loose some of the advantages of the Analysis.

Some of the advantages are explained in the previous posts. with the existance of the Analysis the coding process is faster Wx can auto complete some instrtuctions an so on.

If you decide to skip the Analysis of can use hdeclarexternal or hdescribefile (depending on your db type) if you need to use hread** functions of using only hexecutesqlquery with the hQueryWithoutCorrection constant.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 23.05.2016 12:53
Thanks Fabrice and Paul,

The analysis makes much more since you both described its benefits. In one of the other current threads that I have open "http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,608904";, I stated that if it would do translation as you have just described, I could see value there. Nowhere else have I seen it described as you have described it...

Thanks again,

von StanleyBarnett - am 24.05.2016 06:42
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