HFSQL Database & Table Scheme Modifications

Startbeitrag von StanleyBarnett am 23.05.2016 01:46


In MSSQL, I open Management Studio, make a connection to the database and can add/delete/modify tables, columns, indexes, reindex, and modify it in any way imaginable...

I've looked and looked and cannot find how to do this in HFSQL. I've looked in the HFSQL Control Center and WDMap. WDMap leads to an analysis selection. I want to access the sql table directly as done with management studio. So, how this done?

I ask this because I'd like to create a HFSQL database and table accessable ONLY from VFP via ODBC. In this case there is no need for WX anything. I am the owner of WD, WB, WM as well as MSSQL Native Access and an app server, therefore I should be allowed to do this.

Thanks, Stanley


Re: HFSQL Database & Table Scheme Modifications

Hi Stanley

The only advice that that I can offer is an old adage when working with any framework - "Think inside the box".


von DerekM - am 23.05.2016 02:11

Re: HFSQL Database & Table Scheme Modifications

Hi DerekT,

So you too have questioned this?

And is my last paragraph possible using only HFSQL, ODBC and VFP? Or must WX be involved in its setup and maintenance?

Thanks, Stanley

von StanleyBarnett - am 23.05.2016 02:35

Re: HFSQL Database & Table Scheme Modifications

Hi, the "Analysis" is a much more formal approach and strongly recommended for use. The problem of your approach is the difference between a deployed application and an update to it. PC Soft has made the restucturing automatic while most other database suppliers simply don't care about changes in structure, keys, number and order of items.

von GuenterP - am 23.05.2016 05:41

Re: HFSQL Database & Table Scheme Modifications

hi stanlyn

you do have apoint. When de automatic update doesnot work properly you can have a big problem


von Allard - am 23.05.2016 08:08

Re: HFSQL Database & Table Scheme Modifications

Hi Guenter and Allard,

To me it just seems like an extra layer of complexity that is not needed. I would like the automatic restructuring like I had in SDT (Stonefields Datbase Tools) for VFP. But it was optional and was NOT baked in as a "You MUST Use It" (not optional).

From what I see, even if you use MSSQL you do NOT get auto restructuring and forced to use the middleware (Analysis) and deal with the changes manually. Now if it acted as an interpreter for all the database options where you could switch out the backends WITHOUT thinking or coding for a specific backend, I would certainly see value there.

It also scares me with when Allard refers to "when the auto restructure doesn't work as expected". If he is having issues getting it to work as expected then lord help me... I've read other horror stories about this. I've also read a thread here where Steve advises to not create the database from the Analysis. Is this for good reason? See [WB19] hModifyStructure # date 04/16/2016 for details. I see he was sourcing it from an ini file, so doesn't that go against the value of an analysis?

For me, I do not know as I have less that 8 hours experience with WX. When using SDT for VFP, if I run into an issue, I just told SDT to rebuild its metadata and all was happy. Not hours of trying to diagnose...

Is the auto restructuring mechanism stable and very rarely does issues arise?

I've already purchased the products and my limited use and thread articles is raising these questions, so please bear with me...

Thanks, Stanley

von StanleyBarnett - am 24.05.2016 00:15

Re: HFSQL Database & Table Scheme Modifications

Hi Allard,

You said I have a point... Would you explain please?

Thanks, Stanley

von StanleyBarnett - am 24.05.2016 00:17
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