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WD20 - how to set borders in the report editor

Startbeitrag von Arie am 23.05.2016 13:07

Hi all,

can someone explain how to set borders in the report editor?
I just want to select some controls and give them a left+top+right border. If I use the context menu and select left-border the top-border is gone. No multiselect using shift or ctrl? I can't seem get this done otherwise then set each border for each control one for one.
Also the border option in the description window is a coming from outer space if you ask me. I totaly don't get how it works with all the edge symbols turning yellow/blue round/square etc.


Hi Arie,

indeed it's a pain in the a** to set the borders around controls, but I think I can help you in the right direction:

1) Select the control
2) Select tab Modification
3) In section Fast edit, select the square icon, just beneath the charactersize
4) In the listbox, select Edit the border
5) Two extra popup windows appear and orange dots in the corners of the control
6) For your example (left+top+right) click between the 2 dots on the left side (upper left and lower left dot), hold the control key and click between the 2 upper dots and between the 2 right side dots
7) click on the line you wish (thin, bold or more bold) in the right popup-window
8) click outside the popup windows to get back in your report

This is the worse news.

The good news is that you can copy this action easy to other controls via F4

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 23.05.2016 18:46
Stefan, thnx.
Aah F4 :spos:
I don't use that very much and already forgot it exist.

I finally get used to the french way of thinking. You can also select a control and hold down ALT. Then a little square popups up and when you click on it the border-options are shown also.

von Arie - am 24.05.2016 18:12
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