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Collapsible code

Startbeitrag von Mike H am 24.05.2016 13:08

One of WinDev's functions that I appreciated was the ability to collapse/expand any set of code lines.

The WD20 help page says: "On the "Display" pane, in the "Collapsible code" group, expand "Collapse" and select "Collapse the selection".

However on the "Display" plane the "Collapse" option is grayed out.

I have to insert a comment line (//) above the set of lines I want to collapse in order to activate the option.

Another odd thing, though, is that if I use "the menu bar of earlier versions (compatibility mode)", I can click on "Code" and then on "Collapsible code" and it works like it used to.

Does anyone know if there is a simpler workaround?

By the way I am using version 01A200067s.

- Mike H.


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