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Missing 'Closing of a child window' Process

Startbeitrag von Gary Williams am 25.05.2016 08:47

Using WinDev 20, I have a free widow that opens another using OpenChild (Customer/Contacts).

I need to know when the child is closed to update the tables in the parent window and I don't want to go modal with the child window.

From the help I thought I could use the 'Closing of a child window' process, but none of my windows has this process and I can't see it in the list to add.

How can I add code to this process? or short of a timer how can I find when the child window has been closed?



why don't you put your code in the closing event of your Customer/Contacts window.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 25.05.2016 11:22
Hello Gary

Winstatus() will test the existence of a window.


von Al - am 25.05.2016 15:58
Hi Gary,

that process exist only in windev mobile (was added because there are no modal windows under android and ios, so they integrated the timer/check automatically)...

So either you put your code in the closing of the secondary window, or you check in a timer

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.05.2016 17:25
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