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Startbeitrag von DerekM am 26.05.2016 00:25

Hi all

Perhaps someone with good HTML expertise can explain this to me.

I have a WebDev 19 static site. The home page has keyword etc. and google scripts. It all appears to reference correctly in google search etc - but when I run a tool such as seositecheckup it complains that there is no meta title.

The page title is also missing in the Chrome window (recent/popular sites etc.) - so something is obviously wrong!

Is this anything to do with the way WebDev constructs the html - anything to do with not using closing tags (e.g. "slash-head") ?

I understand that this is probably a lack of HTML skills (but that's why I use WebDev :( )

All the expressions / keywords etc are properly set in WebDev - and they appear in the page source code.

Anyone experienced in this who can give me some pointers? Should I stop WebDev from further generating html and manually edit the html - add closing tags - or something ??




Hmm .. perhaps this is not important for google at least ..

found this interesting article - so I guess I'm years out of date ...



von DerekM - am 26.05.2016 01:11
Hi Derek,

as you didn't give us your URL, I could only check what SeoSiteCheckup was doing on my web site fabriceharari.com....

it gives me a score of 50/100, which clearly is not very good.

However, if you search for "windev consulting" (my target), I'm on the first page, just after pcsoft.

You have to understand that NOBODY outside google knows what they are doing, and each SEO tools is just "guessing".

So look at your result on google, and if you are not happy with it, work on it (and often it does NOT mean changing your web site at all)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.05.2016 11:05
Hi Fabrice

Thanks for the feedback. The url is http://systemcube.com

My score is 59/100 - the main problems according to that tool are things like h1 and h2 descriptions. I'm not too sure if even that makes much difference these days other than within the seotool - but my pages use a lot of RTA objects - hence the lack of h1 tags. When I run comparison tests with 3 random competitor sites- their score is generally about 64-68 + (and they all have h1 tags). I'm just mentioning this in a bit of detail as i think that the WebDev generated html is a little different from 3GL.

I spend a lot of my life these days in google adwords and analytics. You are OK with something fairly unique like "windev consulting" - but without adwords my site does not exist ! If I can improve the SEO (according to Google Rules) - then the CPC rate is less.

Again, thanks for the feedback. Would also be great if anyone else can share their WebDev SEO experiences.


von DerekM - am 26.05.2016 11:44
Hi again

I have a video course on SEO and webdev, if you want to plunge deeper, and in order to create it (and in order to do the SEO for my site) I did study the problem quite a bit. Of course, my target was DYNAMIC web sites, not static ones, so the problem s slightly different (and simpler).

One of the reason of my placement is that I have a lot of external links pointing to my site, which explain that I do not need your adwords strategy.

BTW, I had a quick look at your site, and there is a beautiful orthographic error in your subtitle (Mangement instead of Management)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.05.2016 13:49
Hi Fabrice

and there is a beautiful orthographic error in your subtitle (Mangement instead of Management)

Ha! Thanks. Likely been there forever! :rolleyes:


von DerekM - am 26.05.2016 15:05
Hi Derek,

Did you do the google responsiveness test?
Also, https sites rank higher.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 27.05.2016 07:35
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