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How to update a whole application from X11 to X12

Startbeitrag von Frans am 13.06.2008 21:31

Hello to you all,

How must I update an existin application at a customer from version 11 to 12?
Is it all automated or do I have to delete all the dll's?

Couldn't find something about it in the manual or did I overlook something.

Regards and thanks in advance,



I wanted to know this too and did a small test, a few days ago.
It seems that the installer is handling everything fine. It will install all wd12 dll's. It will even update HFCS to v12. (the structure of Hyperfiles itself hasn't been changed)
One thing is doesn't: removing all wd11 dll's. But that's not too bad. They are not in conflict with anything, but just consuming some disk space


von Arie - am 14.06.2008 08:19
Hi Frans,

I have coverted applications since version 9 each time a new version comes out and have had no problems at all. Simply open you app in version 12 IDE and Windev does the rest.


von Milton - am 14.06.2008 21:04
Hello to you all,

Thank you for your response. I will give it a try and make a procedure to delete all the old dll's. Nice that all works fine. A pitty that everything is not cleaned up.

Regards Frans

von Frans - am 16.06.2008 17:47
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