[WB21] Dongle failed to update! [solved]

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 28.05.2016 17:51

I think I know the answer to this, but I managed to update my v20 dongle to v21, then the WB dongle update failed! The WB dongle still works with WB20 but when I try to update the dongle again, I get a message saying (something like) 'no serial number for this version'. I've sent my support request to PCS, but is there anything I can do myself to rectify this or must I wait for PCS?



Re: [WB21] Dongle failed to update!

Hi Darren, the dongle passwords are valid for about 14 days only. After that - you did it right! - you can ask PC Soft for a restart of the timer. They just do the reset and you have another 14 days for upgrading the dongle.

von GuenterP - am 29.05.2016 05:24

Re: [WB21] Dongle failed to update!

Hi Guenter,

Thanks - Yes, I think that when the dongle update process failed, it must have thought the dongle updated ok and set the status to "dongle updated" because I'm nowhere near the 14 days you mention. I'm just glad that the update process didn't screw up the dongle!

Also, I wish I knew what caused it to fail because (in this order); the WD dongle updated, then WB failed, but then WM updated correctly :confused:

Ah well... it seems all I can do is wait until PCS get around to dealing with my support ticket... it's a pity as I was hoping to have a "play" with WB21 during our bank holiday weekend :(

von DarrenF - am 29.05.2016 09:09
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