PDF Version of LST

Startbeitrag von Alan S am 21.05.2010 18:13

Does anyone know if the LST magazine comes with a pdf version?

Something that might let me translate to English?

When I first purchased WD/WB/WD Mobile, I got a subscription, and it really looked cool, but I don't speak French so I couldn't use it, so I'm looking for someway to potentially be able to use it.




Todate only know about paper format & still only in french...perhaps in the future there could be a pdf download format, etc.

The example´s code could be converted to English format for better understanding from within WD/WB.


von Tomas - am 21.05.2010 18:23
I bought 2 years of the LST about 5 years ago. I would manually type entire articles into Systran. I found I was spending more time trying to translate the examples so I could learn something from them than spending productive time programming.

I dropped the subscription.

However (PCSOFT take note) if the LST's were in a format I could easily translate (read: text I could cut and paste into a translation program) I would gladly re-$ub$cribe.

I may be getting a little too $ubtle here, but hope $omebody there gets the me$$age...

von Art Bonds - am 22.05.2010 18:37
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