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[WB19] CKEditor and EMail

Startbeitrag von Ericus am 31.05.2016 09:37


I manage to integrate CKEditor into my project with no problem.

I have a multiline edit control and can add my text and pictures the way I want to.

I can save the contents to a table, Text Memo field.

However, when I want to send the contents out on an email my images are not embedded in the email.

Please how can I get the email that I send out to look like the way it was created on screen?

Thanks in advance.

Ericus Steyn


Hi Ericus,

First, you have to decide if you want the image to be embedded in the email or distant. Both are possible and have pros and cons.

Then, the easiest way for you to understand and correct the problem is to compare two html sources that should be identical (a simple text followed by an image)
One that you create with your current system, and one that you create inside a standard email editor (outlook, thunderbird, whatever)...

If you choose embedded, you'll see that the image is included in the email as an attachment, and that the link used to refer to it has a special syntax. You'll need therefore to modify your current html source to reflect the way an html EMAIL should be structured.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.05.2016 11:06
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