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Startbeitrag von Mark Crichton am 01.06.2016 01:24


Am have created an application and enabled User Groupware. This all works well in customer wants to use groupware. I a new customer does not want to use Groupware, or switch it on later, is this possible?
i.e.: can using UserGroupware be part of the setup questions,
and if so can I switch it on programatically later if required.

I realise I can create 2 different setups, but that does not allow for "Turning it on " later.

Any advice appreciated.


Hi Mark,

in "custom mode" WINDEV Groupware is generally very flexible and even extensible!

Yes, the Groupware can be switched on / off (put the "on" / "off" into the application's INI-file), but needs at least one supervisor in the list of Groupware users before switching it off. For switching it off, a supervisor has to be logged in and an additional password-check has to be done.

Sorry, I can't give you an example, it's a lot of code and a involves the project code, the first window code and the window for switching GPW on/off. When switched off and the program starts again, the GPW is working, a silent log-in of the supervisor takes place. So, the log-in / log-off / computername file is fed for later statistics. The problem however is that from now on each user is a supervisor and can do whatever s/he wants to do in the program. It's possible for them to delete all of the other users and change the supervisor's password and then - e.g. leave the company.

von GuenterP - am 01.06.2016 07:03

it's a lot of code and a involves the project code, the first window code and the window for switching GPW on/off.

Is that so? I'm using the groupware in "custom mode" with "manual start". And start the groupware with just this simple statement: gpwOpen() during the startup of my application. I do that in the 'global declaration section' of my first window. This way it is started before the main window is visible, but that's bascily a choice. Maybe in the project init-section will also work.

For some of my applications I also have a second or third configuration. A background service or a 'utils' to perform conversions and stuff like that. I don't need the login and I'm simply bypassing the gpwOpen() line.

You can also use gpwLogin you and login as the SUPERVISOR autotically and make your user believe he/she didn't login.

von Arie - am 01.06.2016 07:30
Hi Arie,
oh yes, this is the most simple way to use GPW and implies that you're using it "as is" - means: not in custom mode, no translation, no access to the GPW-analysis ....

von GuenterP - am 01.06.2016 08:10
Well, I did modify the gpw-windows. Translated then and give them the same lookandfeel as my application.
I even created an option where users can put every window in a userright-mode and point to each control on the window and then modify the rights. Writing directly to the gpw-files in the database :)
But you are right about the effort it takes, With every version of Windev you have to redo parts of the job. Therefore I'm still using the older GPW (V18 ??) without that new options for groups of users

von Arie - am 01.06.2016 09:39
Hi Arie,

I have a heavily modified version 20 in use. Some minutes ago, I tested the standard GPW of v21 in auto mode. Some weird things happened. E.g. the encryption of the password is still not working correctly when input in the GPW admin window (same in v20, but I fixed that). Password input works fine when input is done through the log-in-window. Couldn't locate the problem though. Next, I had difficulties in the admin window to define rights for a user - the Table with the windows & selection did show up but the [Next =>] button remained grayed. At next access it worked as expected.

Btw, the password input problem (pw is UINCODE now) locks you out of the application - cure is to open the GPU_user.FIC with WDMap + well known pw and click the "PasswordToEnter" CheckBox. This makes the whole pw-encryption virtually useless. As long as an intruder knows the common pw for the GPW file encryption s/he can input their own password. Recommendation therefore: never ever use the standard pw for GPW file encryption!

von GuenterP - am 01.06.2016 10:56
Thanks Guenter and Arie for your input. I shall now try your ideas in my code. Will give feedback once it's all working.

von Mark Crichton - am 01.06.2016 11:00
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