WD21 64 does not recognize dongle

Startbeitrag von Arie am 01.06.2016 12:38


I've installed WD21 64 bit.I used the WDMAJCle to update ALL my dongles, including WB/WM
No errors.

Now one of my WD dongles works and I'm able to start WD21-64
But with another dongle (I have to sets) is says it isn't recognized.
When I start wdmajcle again, checking the upgrade, it says it IS V21 but there is small note saying "not compatible with WD 64 bit".

Is there something like a old 32bit only dongle? Or do I need to update drivers?

btw: still busy installing wb21 and wm21. So I will check those dongles yet


I have such problem in Win10-64bit and it works after certain time by rebooting
serveral time with plugging in/out but no problem ever found
in win7-64. They both have latest hasp driver installed.

It could be the problem of 32-bit upgrade to 64-bit dongles causing it not compatible.

If problems still exist, you have to consult pcsoft or your distributor.



von kingdr - am 01.06.2016 14:44
After reading better the update-window also shows a text:
To get a dongle compatible with the 64-bit version of WINDEV, click the link below:

Apparently I have an old type of dongle. For 39 euro + 20 euro shipping PCSoft will replace it by a new one :-(

von Arie - am 01.06.2016 20:02
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