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[WD21] Skin Generation - Can I create a skin from current project

Startbeitrag von Al am 04.06.2016 03:16

Hello All

My current projects have no skins or skin projects, just an "sty" file
I am looking into the skin generator to see if I can apply a skin to the project but I want to create a skin from the existing project so that it can be one of the available skins.

Is there a method to develop a skin project (.wpg) from an existing project ?



Hello All

I have an answer from Tech Support that there is no wizard or auto process to generate a skin from an existing project.
This makes it hard to move from a style based project to a skins based project because you have to start by creating a base skin from scratch to preserve the current look and feel of the project.


von Al - am 07.06.2016 12:58

I think this commercial solution should solve your problems:



Both of these are said to have their own skin designing utilities.


von Yogi Yang - am 09.06.2016 09:51
Hi, for a WINDEV program???? Are you sure?? The styles of controls of a WINDEV program sit in the .wdw files, the compiled programs are in p-code, means a compressed source code. How should any outside program have access to these internals???

von GuenterP - am 09.06.2016 11:25
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