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Pros & Cons - AWP vs Dynamic Pages

Startbeitrag von SolutionJ-Reg am 04.06.2016 10:13

Hi everyone,

I've been developing in Windev for a few years, but I'm now about to start my first Webdev project (v20).

There are a lot of topics talking about mixing use of AWP pages and 'normal' pages in a dynamic site, but I'm not altogether clear (not being a web developer) about what the pros & cons are of both AWP / 'normal' pages are? In practical terms when would using an AWP page be useful, for what sort of functions?

Many thanks


Re: Pros & Cons - AWP vs Dynamic Pages

Hi Reg

with a "normal" site, (aka classic mode, windev like mode), only the FIRST PAGE of the project will be referenced by search engines.

AWP is there to allow all awp pages to be referenced, and as a result, your overall site score to be higher.

On another hand, normal sites gives you a near windev experience, with context (files, variables, etc) managed for you, while in awp, you'll have to do that yourself, mostly by passing all relevant parameters from one page to the next.

So, that's why PCSoft is now calling the "normal" mode INTRANET and the awp mode INTERNET.

The interest in mixing both is to use awp pages for the public side of the site, so that it's referenced, and the easy normal mode for the back office. However, I find that switching from one type of coding to the other in the same site can generate more trouble than it's worth, and I personally prefer to use awp for back office coding too (or, of course, to do the whole site in classic, intranet mode when it's possible)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 04.06.2016 11:54

Re: Pros & Cons - AWP vs Dynamic Pages

Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for this. I think a normal site will do for my first project as it's effectively an intranet.

Kind Regards

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 05.06.2016 10:40
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