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[WB21] - OPen a page

Startbeitrag von JP am 06.06.2016 09:31

Hi All

So starting my first WebDev project - very excited! A newbie question; I have created a new Dynamic website. I dont need search engine indexing and I like WebDev to handle context etc. I have a home page. I add a button as a test. I want the button to open another page so I use PageDisplay() function. But the compiler says this is not allowed becuase

Error:'PAGE_About' is a dynamic page. This parameter of PageDisplay must be a static page, a PHP page or an AWP page.

What am I doing wrong? How do I display another page into the current browser tab?

[UPDATE] - I see this must be used in the Server code not Browser code. Got it. Thanks for reading.



I see that you found your answer, and at the same time touched a very important point.

When you are asking a question about webdev, you NEED to always give as much context as possible. Here in your original question was missing the fact that your were in browser code.

So always tell us:
- classic/awp/php site
- browser or server code
- ajax on or off
- anything else you think about at this time

and don't forget to coy your code here :-)

Webdev is a much more complex environment than windev, so without all the details, it's very hard to answer questions...

That saif, have fun with your first site

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 06.06.2016 11:30
Thanks Fabrice. Been busy only an hour or two but already am totally enamored with with WebDev !

von JP - am 06.06.2016 12:23
Hi JP,

that is because it is new. You have to be smart when using webdev:

A view tips

Donnot start adding pages, Make a template page first.

I the template add stuff all otherpages problably need. You can always override if you donnot need it.

Layout the page and make sure there are no erors.
Maybe make an other page template for pasword protected pages special adminis pages etc.

Then start adding pages based on these templates. It will save you a lot of time getting pages with the same margins etc.

Then there is browser and server code. all done in w languadge. All database stuff is server stuff.

Jp you will soon see the power and ease of use of webdev. It is verry powerfull and productive. If you compare it to windev you might get a bit disapointed because webdev isnot as mature as windev but if you compare it to other platforms well then you can see where the power lies and you will really aaprichiate webdev. Often it is more then 10 times faster.

But not only that it is an awsome ide and it producesway less thus making managing the code a lot easier then any php platform and any java based platform.

So just give it a try. Use tempates and you will be pleased.



von Allard - am 06.06.2016 17:25
Cool, thanks, Allard. I am enjoying the exploration!

von JP - am 06.06.2016 17:30
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