[WB21] - Frames and opening pages in frames

Startbeitrag von JP am 06.06.2016 12:21

Hi All

Classic site
Ajax off (or not set)

I want to create a homepage which has some button/image controls across the top which will hold some logos and options. And a frame underneath which will hold the content of the options the user selects in the frame across the top.

I created an image control and in the definition I set it to open a page in the main content iFrame control I had placed on the main page.This worked very well.

But now I move that image control to an iFrame running across the top of the main page and the description of the image control no longer allows me to set the target of the page to open to the content iframe control in the main page. It opens up in a new browser tab.

Can an image control in one iFrame not target another iFrame with the page it is set to load? If not, what is the correct way to have a set of buttons, images running across the top of the page which will NOT scroll off-screen when the main body of the page is scrolled down?

[UPDATE] - So I have found the use of zones on a page and have created the various zones required. And can now target a page into a zone. So I think I have found the answer unless someone feels this is not the best way to approach it? TIA


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