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[WD21] Pivot table - no sub totals ?

Startbeitrag von Al am 07.06.2016 13:30

Hello All

I have been keeping an eye on the pivot table control since its introduction and unless I am missing something obvious, it seems that it still doesn't have column based sub totals ?
I can't see much use for it without them. The only way it appears to show column sub totals is to close up the rows which rather defeats the purpose.

The print function doesn't work well, even scrunching up the columns to make it fit on a page in landscape mode produces a blank page in between the pages holding the data.

The example that comes with V21 is up to the usual standard of the examples - missing a graphic and missing almost the complete set of data files in the training exe folder - I had to copy them in from the V20 example.

It seems that it is still a work in progess.
Is anyone using the pivot table control in a production application ?



Hi Al

Add sorting order to the list. It can not sort properly

Yes I do. use it. But it there where subtotals then it would be way better !!

I do not need the coloring stuff in AAf.

Chaging the colums at run time is cool but not like the .net equivilant controls . There it is easy to add colums by dragging and dropping stuff.
And when you go into the change modus you cannot save that modus and see an explination in English that cannot be changed. ( NOT GOOD IN AN APP THAT IS COMPLETELY IN DUTCH)

But You can add stuff by programming if you are smart in working out work arrounds. So I use it in production for :
The profit and loss sheet in my accounting app.
The cashflow sheet ( of bank accounts )
The dispaly of the planning and control sheet ( actual figures , budgets and the difference )
The display the hours worked on projets by emplyees.

For the hours it is great. For you an easily see hours worked on a project in a certain week for 1 or more employees.

So you can work with it.



von Allard - am 12.06.2016 12:02
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