Deploying Windev Mobile 21 on iOS

Startbeitrag von Sarah Tanti am 07.06.2016 14:59

Dear all,

I have generated the app and copied it into XCode on Mac however when i try to build it, i'm getting a 'No provisioning profiles found: no non-expired provisioning profiles were found' error.

Does anyone know how to fix this error please?
Any help appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Hi. Do you have installed your Apple developer credentials in XCode?


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 07.06.2016 15:22
Hi Ruben,

Thanks for your reply.

It's the first time I'm trying to deploy to the apple store, so not sure how everything is supposed to be.
How can I check and be sure I've installed them?

Thanks a lot

von Sarah Tanti - am 07.06.2016 17:10

The precess configuration for IOS is very complicated compared to Android. You only can begin to work in your application if you have:

1) You must "buy" a IOS developer account to Apple (100€ by year)
2) In the account configuration you must add the reference to your future IOS app

3) In XCode you must set your developer account and your app reference (name, certificates generated by Apple for it)

4) Compile your application.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 07.06.2016 19:32
Thanks a lot Yogi Tang and Reuben.

Will have a look at the links provided and post back.


von Sarah Tanti - am 09.06.2016 16:39
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