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Combo Brushcolor issue

Startbeitrag von DerekT am 10.06.2016 11:26

WinDev 21

I am using the the new 'Blueberries' skin template, quite like the look and its use of the Segoe UI font as the default.

I have a window that I wish to change the look of depending on whether is in create or modify mode.
Simple solution is to change the Brushcolor of the controls or so I thought.

What I have found is that this works for edit controls but only for combos if no selection has been made.
Once the selected option is visible the brushcolor steadfastly refuses to change.

Even if a different background color is selected in the style tab this dissappears once a selection is made.

I usually avoid playing with the image used for a control but thought this may be the issue.
I edited the image so that each of the 5 tabs had a different color.
Only tab1 - Active, and tab 3 Grayed are ever displayed regardless of whether the status of the combo is set by programming or in the control description/GUI tab.
Tabs 2,4 and 5 are, it would seem, never used.

I have now pretty much given up on this but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts/suggestions.

Noted whilst playing with this that 3 new colors - Bronze, Gold and Silver can now be selected.


It sounds like the selected row background color is taking over. Is there a transparent option for the selected row background color? I'm not seeing it on WD20.

von Curtis - am 10.06.2016 13:52
Hi Derek,

I'm having a similar issue.

An option in my combobox is selected by programming, and based on what is selected I want to change the brush colour of the combobox.

Did you manage to find a solution?

von Robin Lane - am 10.11.2017 09:44

Unfortunately not.
Spent too much time on it so in the end I gave up and by then couldn't be bothered to do a 'project' to send to PCS to see if they would rectify the issue.

My solution in the end was to overlay the content section of the combo with a static control.
On selection, update that using Combo..DisplayedValue and setting the BrushColor of the static.
Not one of my more elegant solutions but did what I needed and if I say so myself did not look that bad.

Just had a look at this and what I actually used to overlay the combo was an edit control as this enable me to to call ComboOpen() on the Left Button Down click code

von DerekT - am 10.11.2017 15:05

Thank you for your reply, it's given me some pointers and a place to start.


von Robin Lane - am 11.11.2017 06:58
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