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Wx21 WebSevices no longer generate if containing Optional Parameters - RESOLVED

Startbeitrag von John Armstrong am 13.06.2016 05:00

I cannot get either WD21 or WB21 to successfully generate a WebService if it contains any Procedures that have Optional Parameters.

For example this test Procedure cannot be now turned into a Wx21 WebService:

PROCEDURE AddTwoNumbers(FirstNumber, SecondNumber = 3)
nAnswer is int
nAnswer = FirstNumber + SecondNumber
RESULT nAnswer

The Wx21 WebService generation process stops just prior to making the WSDL with the following error message:
"The 'SecondNumber' parameter of the 'AddTwoNumbers' procedure is optional. Make it mandatory in order to generate the WSDL."

Earlier versions of Wx generate the WebService for this Procedure correctly. Wx21 can be forced to generate the WebService correctly, but only if the Optional Parameter of 3 for SecondNumber is removed.

How do I get Procedures with Optional Parameters to generate as Wx21 WebServices?


PCSoft tech support have responded as follows:

"Optional parameters are not supported for Webservices. They never have been but previous versions did not detect it and therefore no compilation errors occurred. You really need to make parameters mandatory."

von John Armstrong - am 14.06.2016 08:28
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