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[WD55] Can't generate new analysis version

Startbeitrag von XavierS am 14.06.2016 07:51

Hi all,

I've still WD55 applications running and for one project I need to add some changes to the analysis. When generating the analysis, the analysis-editor hangs during the verification of the consistency of the analysis (Vérification de la cohérence de l'analyse).

WD55 [FR-version, internal version is 69] is running on a PC running native Windows XP with a WinDev dongle ready for WD21. When WD19 was released I've received a WD55 patch from PC SOFT.

Is here somebody who maintains still WD55-projects with modifications of the analysis? If yes, can you contact me?

Kind regards,


Hi, I'm still having a project under WINDEV 5.5 though we finished conversion to WD21 some months ago. Luckily we own an old WD14 dongle and using that one we can start and work with WD5.5 without any problems on a separate Windows XP hard disk (we use hard drive racks for inserting hard naked disks with different operating systems, SSDs are put into a 3,5" => 2,5" adapter from Startech.com Part# 25SAT35HDD). To us, our WD21 dongle is definitely unusable for WD5.5

von GuenterP - am 14.06.2016 09:04
Hi Guenter,

thnx for your answer.

I was afraid that your solution the right one is. Unfortunately I haven't any old dongle anymore.

I can change and add windows, code, classes, reports but modifying the analysis doesn't work anymore :-( So I will have to find a dongle version before 19.

My Windows XP machine has also a SSD and works like a charm, not any problem.

kind regards,

von Xavier Schauwvlieghe - am 14.06.2016 11:01
Hello Guenter,

you don't have any old WinDev dongle anymore you want to sell to me so I can do the modifications in an analysis with WD55?

kind regards,

von Xavier Schauwvlieghe - am 17.06.2016 09:14
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