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problem with query (mysql native)

Startbeitrag von jem am 27.05.2010 20:27

I having strong problem running query with multiple join .

left outer join table2 on (table2.field1 = table1.field2)
left outer join table3 on (table3.field1 = table1.field3)
table1. field1 = '1'

I keep getting sql syntax error when I run the query on windev . but I don't get any error when I run it directly on mysql console.

if I remove the where statement then windev can run.

what should I do to solve this?


You must be using "hExecuteSQLQuery", please include the "hQueryWithoutCorrection" as one of the options.

Hope thats it.



von issah - am 27.05.2010 21:12
Thank for your suggestion but it doesn't work .

I not using hExecuteSQLQuery , just a normal hexecutequery .

I also having same error when I run the query on windev .

my guess is this is a bug in mysql native access .

I hope any alt suggestion to solve this

von jem - am 27.05.2010 21:25
in hexecutequery you can use hQueryWithoutCorrection as well.
I don't use MYSQL but in SQLSERVER and ORACLE the native access have problems with complex query.

PS: When you use hQueryWithoutCorrection be careful with date / time fields, i don't know MYSQL but in SQLSERVER you always get datetime fileds instead if date.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 28.05.2010 08:49
Hi Jem,

Do you have control of the DB. If so can you you create the view on the server? From there it is a simple matter of importing the view into the analysis.

von Glenn Rathke - am 28.05.2010 12:04
>> Paulo Oliveira
thanks for your the suggestion.

I tried but encounter another problem.
1. I using NULL to switch on and off the parameters of query . this create problem when I using hQueryWithoutCorrection .

2, tabledisplay with taReexecutequery also create error

von jem - am 28.05.2010 15:18
Go with Glen's suggestion, create a view on the server, then import the specifications. The analysis will see it as a table. That is often the best way to handle complex queries.


von issah - am 29.05.2010 11:27
I guess you're right .

another way is to divide into 2 query .

I did a test and found that using view is much much faster than using 2 query .

von jem - am 30.05.2010 01:20
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