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WebDev - Internal Page (PayPal) with https [NOT Resolved - think not possible with WB19]

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 15.06.2016 04:46

[NOT* Resolved] Need to "load unsafe scripts" on the browser - mixed http/https - for Chrome - click on the little "shield" on the address bar. Will now look at the PayPal Component and see where it is using http.

Sheesh! Lot of work if you don't look in the right places :(

Update 2: I thought that I could resolve this with SSLActive(true)
That fixes the PageDisplay using http instead of https - but I have no idea how to fix all these WebDev javascripts that are generated (I think by the Internal Page Control runtime process).

Maybe this is do-able in Vers 21 ? Anyway this is most annoying and I can't get this to work at all unless I do a major work-around.


Hi Guys

I have an issue where I adapted the sample WebDev [19] PayPal component project.

It all appeared to work fine in development (Apache) - but when moved to the server (Windows 2008 R2 IIS 7.5) it just did not work.

I had a devil of a time debugging this - but it now seems that the issue is related to https. I can run another test example on the server with http and it works - but the PayPal widgets are not displayed when called from an https session.

This may be a generic PayPal issue (or even an IIS config. issue or a firewall issue) - but if anyone is aware of the pitfalls here I would of course greatly appreciate any pointers on how to handle this.

If it's generic issue I should be able to google some help - but has anyone else encountered this? Perhaps it is something to do with WebDev failing to include the internal page with https?

Sorry if this is a bit obscure or not well described.

TIA for any feedback.



Re: WebDev - Internal Page (PayPal) with https

Hi Derek,

I found the Webdev Paypal example a complete nightmare!

Because my situation, all of my sites are based on PHP mode (I have posted several questions on the forum).

I wrote my own procedure to talk to paypal. It is very easy - easier than you may think!!! I can give some sample code if required.

Kindest Regards,


von cardcoder - am 15.06.2016 08:17

Re: WebDev - Internal Page (PayPal) with https

Hi Mike

Yes please! I am using Dynamic WebDev. I did not think that I would have to do so much low-level work to do for something as common as a PayPal button !

Thanks & Regards,

von DerekM - am 16.06.2016 00:53
Hi Derek,

It is a bit long winded to put on the forum because you have to put bits in different places.

If you send me an email mike at fbs-ltd dot co dot uk I can go through it with you.

I have an invisible cell with -
paypal button
html control
iframe control.

When all the details for delivery are entered, the cell is then made visible and the customer can pay by paypal.

At the page initialisation -
I read the DB for the location details - this has paypal return address etc (I set them up as parameters in my location_table on the DB)

I then call the procedure below. It fills the box with all of the info required to talk to paypal.

At the bottom is the Click Code of PayPal Button.

I hope this helps,


PROCEDURE PRIVATE _html_paypal()

// Summary: Generates the HTML code required to run the PayPal payment button
// Syntax:
//_HTML ()
// Parameters:
// None

salt is string ="Press Button Now!!!"
//sAlt is string = (gsLanguage nationFrench ? "Make payments with PayPal - it’s fast, free and secure!" ELSE "Effectuez vos paiements via PayPal : une solution rapide, gratuite et sécurisée !")

// Mandatory values

// MA IF gsAccount = "" THEN gsAccount = pPayPal.gsPayPalAccount
sAccount is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("business", gsAccount)

// Amount
sAmount is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("amount", gcyAmount)

// Name and reference of the object

sItemName is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("item_name", gsItem_Name)
gsItem_Number = DateToString(wdate)
sItemNmbr is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("item_number", gsItem_Number)

// Quantities
gnQuantity = 1
sQuantity is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("quantity", gnQuantity)

sModQuantity is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("undefined_quantity", gbUndef_Quantity, True)

// Currency
sCURRENCY is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("currency_code", gsCurrency_Code, True)

// Optional values

// Return Pages
sPageCancel is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cancel_return", gsCancel_Return, True)
sPageOK is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("return", gsReturn, True)
sTxtContinue is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cbt", gsCbt, True)

// Comments
sCn is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cn", gsCn, True)
sNoNote is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("no_note", gbNo_Note, True)

// Page layout
sHdImage is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cpp_header_image", gsCpp_Header_Image, True)
sHdColor is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cpp_headerback_color", gsCpp_HeaderBack_Color, True)
sHdBdColor is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cpp_headerborder_color", gsCpp_HeaderBorder_Color, True)
sPayFlow is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cpp_payflow_color", gsCpp_PayFlow_Color, True)
sCs is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("cs", gbCs, True)
sLogo is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("image_url", gsImage_Url, True)

// Delivery addresses
sShipping is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("no_shipping", gnNo_Shipping, True)

// Return Mode
sRM is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("rm", gnRm, True)

// Various
sCustom is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("custom", gsCustom, True)
sHandling is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("handling", gcyHandling, True)
sInvoice is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("invoice", gsInvoice, True)
sShipping01 is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("shipping", gcyShipping, True)
sShipping02 is string = _CREATEFORMVALUE("shipping2", gcyShipping2, True)
sID is string = "PAYPAL" + GetIdentifier()

sHTML is string


// Complete
sHTML= [



sHTML = StringBuild(sHTML, sID, gsButton, salt, gsLanguage, ...
sAccount + ...
sAmount + ...
sItemName + ...
sItemNmbr + ...
sQuantity + ...
sModQuantity + ...
sPageCancel + ...
sPageOK + ...
sTxtContinue + ...
sCn + ...
sLogo + ...
sHdImage + ...
sHdColor + ...
sHdBdColor + ...
sCs + ...
sPayFlow + ...
sShipping + ...
sRM + ...
sCustom + ...
sHandling + ...
sInvoice + ...
sShipping01 + ...

// Test mode?
// IF NOT pPayPal.gbTestMode THEN sHTML = Replace(sHTML, "sandbox.", "")
IF NOT gbtestmode THEN sHTML = Replace(sHTML, "sandbox.", "")

// Language
IF gsLanguage nationFrench THEN sHTML = Replace(sHTML, "fr_FR", "en_US")

// Open an external file
ResCreation is int = fCreate ("paypal_link.php")
IF ResCreation -1 THEN
// Write into this file
fWrite(ResCreation, sHTML)



HTML_paypal = ""

Click Code of PayPal Button



von cardcoder - am 16.06.2016 12:26
Hi Derek,
I tried to post the code to show you how it worked. Something went wrong!!!

If you send me an email mike at fbs-ltd dot co dot uk I will ahow you what to do.



von cardcoder - am 18.06.2016 09:12
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