[WD21] Strange combo box behaviour

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 15.06.2016 07:10

We have 2 combo boxes, both set as text types and both filled by programming from the same data file. One of them holds postcodes (which are always digits only), the other suburbs and both are sorted in logical order. Both fields are defined as text in the data file.

When you manually enter a value in the suburb combo it works correctly in every case, however in the postcode one if the first character is immediately repeated it ignores it. Example, postcode combo includes postcodes from 3000 to 3999. If you try entering 3334 it takes you to 3000, entering the 2nd 3 takes you to 3001 & so on and as soon as you enter a different digit it takes that as the start of a new search. It's only repeating the first digit which is a problem, 3111 for example is fine. as is entering suburbs such as AARONVILLE.



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