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WINDEV 18 - issue with iPreview

Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 16.06.2016 04:33


// Print preview

after preview the report, if user print it from the previewer...the printout ( values ) different from what you see in the previewer.

But if the report prints directly without the ipreview() function, it's OK.

Is there a bug in windev 18 ?




Hi Peter,

In fact, when printing a report after the print preview, the report is re-executed again.
So if the content of the query is not the same anymore, you will get a different print-out.

Maybe there is something coded in your report that is triggering this?

Kind regards,

von Joris - am 16.06.2016 07:51
Hi Peter

Check your report description and Data Tab
Where is your data coming from? Is it directly form a data file, query or table control.
Check if using independent HFSQL context is needed so not affected by and code running in a form .
Regards Mark

von Mark Crichton - am 16.06.2016 09:06
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