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webdev 21 css feature

Startbeitrag von Allard am 18.06.2016 18:50


I am working on a responsive webdev site and I want to add some cool css anymation features.

If I select the "enlargement " feature ( 7 tabs style | Effects )On a picture it works with mouse over etc . However I would like to add the anymation effect to tke effect when a button is clicked. Not when mouse goes over the picture.

I want this because then I can control the effect to take place in desktop mode and not on mobile mode.
And It would be nice to know how to be able to "Use "these effects in my own events.

For instance it would be nice to be able to control the anymation of a tab control, not only when it is clicked but for instance if someone scrolls the page down

Same goes for a picture. Sliding in a picture when a page is scrolled to a certain position etc.

Anyone an I dea how one could acheif that.?



Hi Allard,

I'm not in WebSite design, but maybe you can use the nice jQuery animations into your site? There was a Google Hangout from PCSoft some days ago on integrating jQueryUI (controls) in a WebDev page. This is in French but most of the code is in English (because of jQueryUI). Maybe by watching the video you could figure out how to use a jQuery animation that would do what you want? https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cpq2vvlmbt3bf51c9i657i85mr8

You could also ask the Free Technical Support for the LST 103 example on "WEBDEV & JQUERY: How to integrate a fly-to-basket animation". This could be a good starter if you want to use jQuery.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 21.06.2016 12:35
Thanks Alexandre

i'll have a look!!!



von Allard - am 25.06.2016 17:43
Saw the hangout stuff. Cool . Web dev is great in taking cool jquerie stuff. It is a pitty jerom took on a jquery slider. since that is availeble native as well.

I think if it is possible to use jquerie in all its glory we can problebly emiminate the "Shortcommings" of the webdev front end.



von Allard - am 25.06.2016 18:23
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