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table control in webdev 21

Startbeitrag von Allard am 19.06.2016 20:27

Iam working on the table control to see if it is useble for inline edit . ( With some work arrounds )

And I have been quite succesfull. However I have an issue. I fill a colum based on what in an other colum is added . This works with the Browser code :
control entry on focus () where the colum has to be filled.
It doesnot work on the on exit on the columsn where I add the stuff.

Ok It works when I put an execute on a button that has the code.

However since I fill the table I want to tab to the next cell. This doesnot work for when I add the stuf to the cell the table gets refreshed and the tab focus is lost.

Is it possible to set focus on a cell in a table with webdev 21? For that is wat I would need.




I stoped trying the table . Huh. So Gave the looper a try . Yeh cool it works like a charm.

Have one little issue.

If I leave the last edt control of the looper I add an other row to the looper. But then it looses the tab focus.

If I add returntocapture then the row before the last row gets selected .

Is there an other way to get focus on the newly added looper row?



von Allard - am 19.06.2016 22:24
Hi Allard

This is one of the major limitations of WB. A great pity really.

If you use a table you can make it editable but you cannot move between rows.

If you use a looper [much better] there is actually no such thing as row so navigation becomes very difficult. I have still not worked out how to navigate between rows. You can only go through all the rows in a cell and then onto the next row when you get to the last cell.

I would also really like to develop a spreadsheet live grid with similar navigation. Have had no luck so far.


von André Labuschagné - am 19.06.2016 23:25
Hi Andre

Well I works quite good. I have tried in the past but now in version 21 ( dynamic webdev) it works way better.

They have added a cool feature browser side that can do something after an ajax call etc .

The only thing I need now is to be able to set the tab to the new row.

I have been able to do calculations etc and get the right values in the right places. If I can get this to work then I can mimic my windev table

Becsue it woks with edit controls I can mamipulate basically any thing. Ad that is what I need.
except for splitters

You are right in your conclusion.If you look at the new w3 css at w3school then it is really asy to make nice front ends these days.

But webdev is so great at all the rest. So incredibly easy


von Allard - am 20.06.2016 08:33
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