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[WD20] Display Problems - Macbook Pro Retina Display (2880x1800)

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 20.06.2016 14:50

Has anyone had display issues running their application on a Macbook Pro running Windows 10?

The scaling and anchoring is out of whack. Image controls that are arrows are showing up as 2 parallel arrows with a few pixels of space in between instead of just one arrow. Other controls are overlapping each other.

I'm not sure how to fix this. Maybe do a check to see if they are running at 2880x1800 on a Mac, and then duplicate windows with different spacing.


Hi Curtis

Which version of WinDev are you\they running?
Are you\they using Fusion or Parallels?

For my Development, I am running windows 8 on 17inch Macbook with Fusion ok. Also have Win8 on iMac with 5K resolution ok.
WIN 10 was a problem, but should be resolved in WD 21 as per features list which I have.
Problem is I can't upgrade win8 to Win10 as get screen resolution fail message.
I do have a fresh install of win 10 on the iMac but still to test that with WD21.

von Mark Crichton - am 21.06.2016 05:18
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